I am a female, Asian, and transcultural who is interested in the ways in which my contemporary generation responds to flux around them and how they consume it into their living energy. I explore political and social aspects of private/public and individual/collective relationships and their interactions via my narratives in forms of paintings.

I was born and raised predominantly in Seoul, but have lived many years in Moscow and Chicago. Living and being involved with three discrete cultures made me realize the way of art integrated into life could be entirely disparate in another culture. It also made me reconsider ‘I’ not just as main agent of interactions but also as a medium that becomes interacted by the massive, indefinable, numerous energies among societies.

Flux is defined to me as avidity, ego, and adaptation of humanity for better life. It is often used as a social or political tool. In my painting it is the core starting point. I examine narratives projected a shadow of myself and make a body by bringing color as another energy. They seem aggressive, naive, contradictory and mutinous.

The mainstream of change in late 70’s to 80’s was the transition from analog to digital. In the beginning of this century, digital is life and the computer is more than a tool; it’s a copy of your life like the reflection in a mirror. It is interesting for me to see the aspects of people’s responses to this kind of inevitable big flow of change. I want to represent the very distinctive features of my generation. I do this by utilizing myself as a medium to translate the ways of my generation perceiving things into my own images.